About The Gathering Drum

Joe Loughlin is the most experienced Drum Circle Facilitator working in Northern Ireland. No one here has worked harder to understand and develop the power of rhythm for positive change.

What is a drum circle?

A drum circle is a group of people, usually playing hand drums and percussion in a circle formation. The music they create is not rehearsed, but rather playing “In the moment”

They can range from just a handful of players, right up to many hundreds of participants.

Everyone has rhythm and with the help of an experienced facilitator, groups can create and share a powerful and energising experience through the medium of drums and percussion. They will also have a lot of fun!

Who can benefit from drum circles?

Youth and Community groups

Special Needs schools and groups

Church groups

Staff groups and conference events


Community relations programmes

Birthdays, parties and special events

Any other group that wants to experience something different, fun and effective.

What does a drum circle achieve?

Drum circles are a great way to achieve a high sense of team. they can raise energy levels, confidence, leadership and motivation. They also foster a sense of togetherness, community and team spirit.

No musical or drumming experience is necessary or expected!

They will help individuals and groups to:

Have fun

Increase confidence

help people relax

Learn a new skill

Break the ice and form effective groups

Build a sense of team and team work

Encourage people to take safe risks

Work for the good of the group

Encourage people out of their comfort zones and find new levels of learning

What are drum circles ideal for?



Conference openers & energisers

Celebrating achievements

Corporate team or themed days

Having fun and giving groups time off from intense of pressurised work.

How many can do it?

We can work with groups from as little as 5 people, up to 300. We own a huge selection of drums and percussion instruments, from everyday instruments to the unusual and rare.

Where can we do it?

The drum circle can take place at any venue that suits the group. The Gathering Drum can also assist with locating a suitable venue for your event if required. All that is needed is a room that is big enough to cater for your numbers comfortably, and a seat for each participant.

What would a typical drum circle look like?

A typical drum circle would last between 1 1/2 hours – 2 hours. The group will start with some fun and simple rhythm games, moving into different kinds of percussion toy games. Some drumming techniques and basics will be shared with the group prior to moving into the playing of the drums themselves. The group finds it’s own rhythms and tempos – It’s the facilitator’s role to help the group find it’s way, as opposed to leading and directing the group….Rhythmic freedom!

Programmes and workshops can also be held over several sessions, especially for school groups and youth groups.

What gives the Gathering Drum the edge over others?

The Gathering Drum workshops are about letting people find their own rhythms and fun through rhythm events. We don’t tell people what to play and when to play it.

Facilitation means “to make easy”. The Gathering Drum lets people build their confidence, helping them along the way to get to where they want to go. We get people going, and only intervene when the group wants or needs to go another direction.

It is a liberating event when a facilitator guides a group to find their own rhythms and grooves, rather than pulling them in a certain direction.