We can offer a range of programmes, all designed to the needs of individual groups, from one-off, all-school drumming days to long-term programs with groups.

We deliver sessions within Extended Schools programs and we have been receiving incredible feedback.


Joe and the Gathering Drum have worked with all types of adult education programs. All Ages and Abilities find themselves on a level footing with each other as Joe facilitates the group or class.


Many years as a youth leader in some of the tougher parts of our country blessed Joe with a wide variety of tools to capture and hold the attention of even the stubbornest teenagers.


Well used to supporting the curriculum Joe is known to be fantastic at fine tuning his session to help you, the Teacher, really get what you need from the Drum Circle. A fun experience that can also deliver strong messages and leave lasting impressions.

Pre- School

Sessions are wonderful way to get staff, parents and kids working together and having so much fun!