Team Building

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who – The most successful corporate teams are held together by a shared vision, one that is marked by exciting events and has it’s own keenly felt pulse.

Team Building through Rhythm

When the ‘beat’ of your organisation is felt by all members of the team a significant uptick in performance can be expected.

Internationally you will see many large sports teams and business’s using Drum Circles and Rhythmn based activities to enhance their output and locally Joe has worked with Businesses, Charities, Public Bodies and Sports Teams to bring these innovations to Northern Ireland.

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Services Available:

Conference Opening Activities for Participants.

Energisers & Icebreakers during conference time.

Full Session-Length Rhythm Events and Drum Circles.

Conference Closing Events.

Group Performances

Team Building Drum  Circles  are programmed individually for each client. Joe can discuss your objectives and create a schedule to ensure you achieve your aims.
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