From the dawn of time rhythm has been used to help communities come together. In more recent times we have seen a resurgence of Drum Circles as tools to promote teamwork, fun and a sense of belonging.

Joe has been working within the community since long before he left school.

First as a volunteer and then as a trained youth leader helping young people find their best selves. After seeing the power a well facilitated drum circle had to bring groups of people together , Joe knew that his mission here would be best served by bringing Drum Circles to as many people as possible in Northern Ireland.

That he has done successfully now for nearly a decade is proof of his professionalism and high standards.


Drum Circles have been the beating heart of Weddings for as long as love and music have been alive, We can facilitate groups of up to 200 people and we can’t think of a better way to get your wedding rocking!


Best known perhaps for the “Largest Drum Circle in Northern Ireland” held annually at Culture Night in Belfast, Joe has facilitated community events both huge and intimate throughout NI.


All over Northern Ireland Joe has helped hundreds of Community Groups achieve their aims through fun rhythm based events and programs.